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January 23, 2015

What does a website cost?

How long is a piece of string?

I always have difficulty answering this question and prefer to provide a specific written quote for a client, based on exactly what they need. However, after building around 300 websites of all sizes, I can suggest this rough ball-park scale of fees:

(Logo design cost is additional.) Prices are in AUD.

• One-page website (often used as a holding page while a full website is in development)
$100 – $150

• WordPress (content management system) installation with a free or third-party template (no customisation of design) plus basic security and site tracking plugins (you add the content yourself)
$150 – $300

• Custom design (or customisation of third party design) with up to 10 pages of just text and images (optional WordPress content management system)
$800 – $1,500

• Custom design website with WordPress content management system, plus popular functionality such as:
– Blog
– Image slider
– Google Analytics
– Editable SEO tags
– Social media buttons
– Online contact form
– Search box
– Email newsletter signup
$1,500 – $2,500

• Custom design website with WordPress content management system, plus functionality such as:
– Blog
– Google Analytics
– Editable SEO tags
– Social media integration
– Online forms
– Search box
– Email newsletter signup
– Shopping cart
– Event Calendar / Booking system
– Photo Gallery / Slideshow
– Bulletin board / Forum
– Guestbook
– Business directory
– Multi-language website
– Password-protected area
– Membership system
– News aggregator
$2,500 and up.

Responsive* designs will generally cost more, because it entails more time in design and coding, but it will improve your site’s Google ranking to ensure it is tablet and mobile-friendly.

• Conversion of a fixed-width website to responsive, mobile-friendly design.
Cost varies.


* A responsive design will resize for different screen sizes (tablet and smartphone) by re-arranging the page content or sometimes displaying different content. Menu will change to touch-screen friendly toggle button and font sizes will change for easier readability.

Do contact me if you would like a more accurate quote for your website.