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October 7, 2009

Do you check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house?

I know I have gone out the door with my buttons askew! But don’t let this happen to your website. A good idea is to make your own website your ‘home page’ for your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) or at least mark it as a ‘Favourite’ and look at it often!

Many people leave their browser home page at the default page – like NineMSN or Google. While this can be handy for the latest news or doing a quick search, you might want to think about making your website your home page so you can be reminded to click through and check for out-of-date content, see if any pages are offline, or (heaven forbid) you have been hacked. It can happen to all of us.

To set your home page: in Internet Explorer, first go to your website, then under Tools > Internet Options you will find a box where you set your home page. You can hit the ‘Use current’ button to make it the page you are looking at. In Firefox and Safari, go to Preferences > General

Often old information just stays there lolling about on your website like a sauce stain on your lapel, and your site visitors are seeing information about an event 6 months ago, or seeing old prices for your services. Your website may be their first introduction to your business, so make sure it’s looking tidy and fit to go out in public.

I hope you found this information useful.