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March 6, 2013

Green website

Let’s go Green – how could it hurt?

Have you taken steps to ease your effect on the environment? What about your website? You may have changed the way you live and how you run your business, but have you thought that you may be giving business to others who are undoing all the efforts you have made?

If you choose me to build your website, you are choosing a business that has a low carbon footprint and an ethical foundation.

  • Green website hosting options
  • Carbon credits have been purchased to cover all business and personal activities
  • Power to our premises is 100% green power
  • All our office equipment is switched off when not in use and energy-efficient lighting is used
  • Paper use is kept to an absolute minimum and recycled paper is used whenever possible
  • Products which are renewable or recyclable with minimal packaging are purchased where available
  • Investments are kept in an Ethical Investment fund
  • We don’t bank with any of the ‘big’ banks who invest in unsustainable industry

These steps were not complicated to make. Have a closer look at your own business and see how you can change your carbon footprint.

If you like these principles, contact me about your needs.